rose la biche? a 200 year old elegant house lost in the middle of the vineyards of the South of France whose poetic yet quirky name means 'rose the doe' - the perfect identity fit for a fresh apparel label crafting chic basics for the urban-nature woman!

'where nature meets urbanism' is rose la biche's dogma! the line celebrates the 'urban-nature' woman : a city-lover who feels intimately linked to the natural environement that inspires her.

each garment of the collection is adorned with nature-inspired prints & designs that capture the elements and highlight the faces of wildness in the city.

with a constant concern for creativity & quality, rose la biche is passionate about producing chic & refreshing urban basics with the soul of a handcrafted product.

En quoi est-ce responsable ?

  • J-achete-responsable-durable J'achète responsable / durable

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